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Distracted Mind

Do you ever have trouble getting enough sleep because your mind wanders and jumps from crazy subject to crazy subject? This is a recount of my thought process in a typical night for me: 1am I was awakened by the scariest, loudest, eeriest howls from a pack of coyotes that sounded like they were practically at the front door. Now I know what the expression “my blood ran cold” feels like! Cross that off my bucket list. I have to remember in the morning to check for large, coyote footprints in the snow in my yard! Ok, time to try to calm down and go to sleep. If I fall asleep right now, I’ll get 6 hours. That should be no problem, I’m exhausted. Oh I forgot to call Amy and see how she made out! I’m a terrible person. I hope she’s ok! How could I forget that? Didn’t I write it down? It was today she was having the procedure done, right? Or was it moved to next week? I think it’s next week and I’m in the clear. Anyways, if I fall asleep right now, I’ll get 5 hours. That’s doable. I have a big day tomorrow. This is so relaxing to finally get to lay down. Darn it! I forgot to get the eggs! I know that was written down, and I still forgot! Now I’m not going to have time to shop and get it cooked and delivered, how can I pull this off? Ok, stay focused on sleeping. Empty my mind. Maybe if I exercised more that would help me fall asleep better. When do I have time to exercise? Is it better to do in the morning before the day starts? Or is it more effective at night? Ok, I have to remember to google that. If I make a mental list of what I need to do tomorrow, I’ll stop thinking about it and fall asleep faster. So coyote foot prints, Amy, eggs and exercise. Ok, time to relax every muscle in my body and take some deep breaths. I should drift off any second. Wait, was that footsteps I heard and it felt like someone just touched my leg? I swear this house is haunted! The previous owners should have disclosed that! They should have said the roof needs to be replaced, the bathroom lighting system doesn’t work, and the house is super haunted because there was a double homicide in the kitchen. That’s all they had to say. I could have decided for myself if I wanted to still buy the place. Now my blood ran cold again. Ok, I’ll remember coyotes, Amy, eggs, and to hire a medium with sage to clear my house and research if there were any murders at my address. I’ll have to count some sheep now to save the last 2 hours of sleep. 99, 98, 97, these sheep remind me of the manger scene….I really miss Christmas time. With all the lights, and shows, and plays. The whole family gets together, the food is amazing…..oh my gosh are you kidding me? My mind wandered after counting only 3 sheep!! What does Christmas have to do with anything? We just HAD Christmas! How do you go from coyotes to Christmas? I think I’m legit losing it! I need to seek professional help I think. Ok remember eggs, Amy, exercise, coyotes, a spiritual medium, homicide research, and check myself into a mental institution first thing in the morning. Is there anything else? Any other problem I can create to keep me up? You know what, forget it. I’m just going to stay awake because the alarm is going to go off in a half an hour anyway. Just then I fell into a deep sleep only to be rudely interrupted by the alarm. Really? Thanks! Now I can’t remember anything I was supposed to from last night. Can’t wait to take on a full day exhausted and stay awake all night again tomorrow night!! Does that ever happen to you?

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