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Painting Parties

     Now's your chance to go to a fun "sip and paint" party! No experience necessary! I walk you step-by-step through each painting; it's super easy and fun! I am available for house parties or fundraising events. For house parties, get a minimum of 10 guests and the host paints for free! All of my classes are $35, which includes all of the supplies, and you get to take home a beautiful 16x20" canvas! Or for $35, you can take home 2 wine glasses that you painted! The choice is yours!

2018 painting party library Donna Fassle
archery painting party picture2.jpg
Acrylic painting party maureen Daley bet
September 2018 Acrylic Painting Party Da
November 2018 acrylic painting party win
Acrylic Painting Party December 2018 Don
May 2018 Painting Party Beach Wine Glass
Wine glass painting party dogs.JPG
Flower Acrylic Painting Party 2018 Daisy
Snowman Santa Wine Glass Party 2017.jpg
Snowman and Santa Pants Wine Glass Party
VFW Acrylic Painting Party Tiptoe throug
Pumpkin Wine Glass painting party.jpg
January painting party at Kyla Daly's ho
Flower Wine Glass Painting Party.jpg
Flip Flop and Lighthouse Wine Glass Pain
acrylic painting party april 2018.jpg
Julie Strait's daughter's bridal party p
acrylic painting party october 2018 moon
May 2019 Acrylic Painting Party Dragonfl
April 2019 acrylic painting party turbul
acrylic painting party june 2019 Hezz Ma
Painting Party Fundraiser John at Frank'
Leslie Hoal Acrylic Painting Party 2019
EMV Painting Party with Lori King.jpg
Paint and sip 2023 group pic Tunkhannock Unwind Cafe (2).jpg
Chenango Valley School Painting Fundraiser Margo McVaugh.jpg
Chenango Valley School Painting Fundraiser 2 Margo McVaugh.jpg
Universalist Church Painting Party with Gwenn Diaz 2023.png
Birch Tree Wine Glass Painting.JPG
Cam Ely Painting Party 2023.jpg
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