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I have worked extensively with clients on a one-on-one basis for the past two decades in order to create a painting specific to their expectations. It's a fun, collaborative process that I enjoy! I've had clients talk to me about their vision ranging from being very specific, to having a small idea about what they want, but would prefer to rely heavily on my expertise and help in executing their wishes on canvas. I have done every type of portrait, from their house and pet, to family members and treasured items. I go above and beyond to make sure my clients are happy with their paintings. My philosophy is that the client is the one spending good money on making their dream come true, so I will do whatever style or detail necessary to make that dream come to fruition to cherish for many years to come and to even pass down future generations.   


I fully protect the privacy of my clients. I have a large enough body of works for advertisement purposes that I do no need to use my client's private portraits, nor would I ever consider it. I have hundreds of paintings of my own, so I can assure you that I do not want to use anything publicly that was meant to be viewed exclusively by a client. I paint in the privacy of my home, so please be assured that nobody else will have the opportunity to see what I am working on during the day. Your privacy and safety is of the utmost importance.


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