It's Carnival and Fair Season!

It’s local fair and carnival season! Do you remember being insanely competitive as a child trying to win something at the carnival games? The best one was the dime pitch, where the nicest dish was on the top of the pyramid of shiny, sparkly glassware most likely bought from the dollar store. If you were in a store, you’d never want any of these glasses in a million years. But because they’re on a showcase display as part of a challenge, next thing you know you’ve cashed in your entire hard-earned summer allowance into dimes. You think you can win the fake Waterford Crystal on the very top, until you notice your first toss clears the whole display and hits the poor volunteer fireman in the le

Sad College Goodbye

Tis the season to drop off your college bound child. God made sure the driving age of 16 gives kids plenty of time to become independent before college and let everybody get used to the new dynamics of not always having your child at your house all the time like you did when they were younger. So after many trips where your child says they’re going to get gas and they don’t come home for like 4 hours because they “ran into” all of their friends there, you say to yourself that you almost can’t wait until they go to college because then you won’t know where they are all the time and you’ll worry less about them. Or when they’re picky about what to eat for dinner, you think how nice it’ll be th

Back to School!

Ready or not, it’s back to school time! It’s not just the first day of school, it’s also the last day for a lot of things. It’s the first and last day you’ll be able to wake your child all year because they’re so excited and nervous. There’s a glimmer of hope in your child that it’ll be a great year and they’ll get to see all their friends they missed all summer, so they are instantly awake the first day. But once they get to school and learn that they can’t talk to their neighbor during class, they figure what’s the point of going to school? It’s the day their summer spirit gets squelched. So, after the first day you’ll never be able to peacefully wake your child up again. Every morning the

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