Turkey Season

Turkey season is upon us, and if you can’t walk up on a flock or call in a bird to you, there’s a lot of aimless walking around involved while you’re looking for birds and scaring them up into the air. But the truth is, they scare you up into the air. They wait until you’re under them and then they take off with all their glory and thunder, and it literally sounds like a helicopter just took off from the tree you’re standing by. My grey hair is not from my kids; it’s from the wing span of those huge birds that echoes in the empty woods through your soul and scares the ever-loving life out of you! There’s no way I can compose myself to shoot after that sound. I’ve consistently seen them wait

Easter Time!

It’s Easter time! When we were kids, a part of that meant the end of lent and time to eat all the chocolate the Easter bunny left. The best part of the basket was the super tall chocolate bunny, and some of your Easter prayers were spent praying that the bunny was solid chocolate. When you bit the tip of the ears it seemed solid, so you assumed your prayers were answered and you’d be nibbling on that big bunny for weeks! But then when you bit lower on his ear the whole bunny collapsed in on itself, revealing that it was just false hopes and a hallow facade. So sad to see your bunny implode in on himself. In the green plastic grass you found redemption in your solid chocolate footballs! Only

911 Dispatchers

Have you ever heard the playback of 911 tapes on tv for high profile cases? Why do the dispatchers always seem super hard of hearing, confused, disbelieving, and unable to grasp the gravity of the situation? It’s as if they forget their purpose for answering the phone. They always ask for totally irrelevant details from people simply asking for help. The people calling 911 go from panicked to extremely angry with the dispatchers; it’s like watching an episode of the three stooges. A typical call ALWAYS goes like this: Operator: 911 what is your emergency? Good Samaritan in a clear voice: We need an ambulance, hurry, there’s been a car accident and people are hurt. Operator: Sir calm down Goo

Front Yard Baseball

Did anybody else grow up with “ghost on first?” It’s when you’re playing front yard baseball and you don’t have enough neighborhood kids or siblings because whoever got on first base is now up again…so you need a ghost to represent the runner on base. We used our stone walkway as the bases, and second base was just beyond the gravel driveway…so we slid through little stones in the driveway only to slam our ankles into a rock for a base. Good times! We had a small hillside that ran the length of our “outfield” in our front yard, so we called that the green wall, aka Fenway Park. If you hit it over the green wall it was a home run, and foul balls that went behind us into the poison ivy lined c

Older Generation

I think the older generation was cut from a tougher cloth than most others. Case in point was my very funny, super sweet friend who was an all-around amazing lady, Fran Donovan who recently passed away. She ran the “Ugly Quilt” program (among other things) at Holy Name of Mary Church, where she would sew the outer shell of the sleeping bags for the homeless, bring them to the church, and then show a small group of volunteers how to stuff the outer shell and sew the material together for warm blankets every week. She was 85 years old when I first started. At 99 years old, she was still driving her car full of outer shells she’d sown during the week, help us fill them, and then she’d drive the

Fear of Flying

Does anyone else have a fear of flying? I feel like I’m the only one because when you hit turbulence and the plane just plummets, nobody reacts to it! Everyone acts like we didn’t just free fall 100 feet, it was just no big deal! Can you imagine if that happened when you’re riding in a car? You just plummet into a pot hole and free fall and nobody in the car bats an eye. I noticed too in the air that the plane makes some really weird engine noises, but nobody cares. Everyone just assumes it’s normal. If your car’s engine sounds like it went into a loud, super nova mode….you’d be checking for engine lights to pop on or start smelling the air to make sure nothing is on fire. Also, why can’t yo

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