Old Commercials

What ever became of the kid in the 70’s commercial who sang that he wished he was an Oscar Meyer Weiner? Is that seriously what he truly wished to be? I wonder if his parents were ever super disappointed. I guess to each his own. I think when his parents told him he could be whatever he wanted to, that’s not quite what they had in mind. I hope he was able to achieve his goal though. In the old commercials, was the guy who said it was time to make the donuts the same guy that was squeezing the Charmin in aisle 5? My memory is a little hazy. Any time I saw toilet paper with the middle cardboard squished, I always said it was probably that store manager who was always squeezing the toilet paper

Manger Play

My daughter Lauren was in the church Christmas play when she was in 2nd grade, and believe it or not, a live bat was swooping down at the poor kids on the altar during the play. Not the rest of the congregation, just the manger scene kids. Lauren was so excited to play Mary, and there she was, kneeling with “Joseph” on the altar with all of her little friends paying homage to the baby in the manger. Luckily the baby was played by a doll. Sure enough, the lesser known manger guest, otherwise known as a bat, went from the high, vaulted ceiling to dive down at the kids, over and over. Of course the church was “Christmas packed,” and all the attendees got to witness the nonverbal communication s

Saint Joseph

Before we put Christmas back up in the attic I got thinking about how much different Saint Joseph’s life was compared to ours, and he’s often overlooked so I thought I’d share my thoughts on him. First of all, he asked Mary, who had never sinned, to marry him. So technically the saying about marital differences of opinion that “someone is always wrong and the other is the wife” basically does pertain specifically to Joseph who really was the only married man on the planet who can ever unequivocally say he actually was always in the wrong. He could argue that he was a saint after all, but she still trumped even that! He literally can’t win. Also, I can’t fathom the pressure he felt with his w

New Year's Resolution

Well it’s New Year’s Resolution time of year, did you make any lofty plans? I swear I didn’t even find the time to make a plan for a plan, that’s how behind the 8 ball I am. I think part of what gets in the way of coming up with goals to improve our lives when we’re at the start of a new year is the comparison game. Take Christmas for example. On the local news, there was a feature story about a guy whose entire house was Christmas themed with multiple blinged out trees and an overly ambitious and excessive amount of decorations scattered all throughout his stunning Christmas mansion. Your goal of providing the best Christmas possible is unattainable if you’re comparing yourself to that guy

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