Football Mom

Years ago I went to my son’s junior high football game only to find out that they had no parent volunteers to hold the 3 first-down markers on the sidelines, so my husband Russ signed us up. I tried to tell him I had no idea what I was doing, but he had to find out the hard way! Sure enough, the first play the quarterback throws the football right at my head and I see both teams running for me! I’m just feet from the playing field so of course on instinct, I turned with the 8 foot, giant orange marker and ran…forgetting that the marker I had was linked by a chain to Russ’s marker and some other poor parent volunteer….so I proceeded to pull them along with me! I’m sure we looked absolutely ri

Trick or Treating in the Country

I think Trick or Treating on Irish Hill where I grew up was different than most places. Since there weren’t many houses or kids out and about, the tradition was to have the person who answers the door invite you inside and guess who you are. There were 7 of us, so we waited A WHILE for people to remember our names and guess our identities. So you’re dressed for 30 degree weather outside, you go into your elderly neighbor’s house where the forced hot air is on full tilt because it’s set to 90 degrees, and you literally can’t breathe because of all the condensation collecting in your plastic mask that is melting to your face. I’m going to have this ugly, fairy princess costume face as my perma

Left Side vs. Right Side of the Brain

I’ve never actually sat down and purposely thought about what to write in these “blogs” or little stories that I write, not even one time. The truth is I actually get up in the night at 3am, and these stories pop into my head and write themselves from start to finish usually within an hour or two. It’s the weirdest thing. I type it up and tweak it a little the next day, but not much. I’ve read that this happens to creative people…the writers, artists, etc. So there are two hemispheres to your brain…the left side is analytical and the right is the creative side. Apparently my right side is overactive to the point it even keeps me up at night, and my left, logical side is starving. You kno

Sleep Deprivation

It’s crazy how different we are as people when we sleep. There are those with sleep apnea who I think are just so tired, they actually stop breathing periodically throughout the night. That’s pretty tired. They can’t even make the minimal effort to stay alive, pretty much. Then there are those who grind their teeth at night. I think those people may need therapy. What could possibly be so wrong that you are in a silent rage, unconsciously and quietly clenching your teeth in the night and grinding them down? Is your mind thinking, “If I have to get up for work ONE MORE TIME!” Or maybe it’s, “If my Mother-in-law says one more thing!” We’re so tired at night that the only way to correct this pr

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