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Left Side vs. Right Side of the Brain

I’ve never actually sat down and purposely thought about what to write in these “blogs” or little stories that I write, not even one time. The truth is I actually get up in the night at 3am, and these stories pop into my head and write themselves from start to finish usually within an hour or two. It’s the weirdest thing. I type it up and tweak it a little the next day, but not much. I’ve read that this happens to creative people…the writers, artists, etc. So there are two hemispheres to your brain…the left side is analytical and the right is the creative side. Apparently my right side is overactive to the point it even keeps me up at night, and my left, logical side is starving. You know, the smart side…it’s slowly shriveling up. The side that was supposed to retain the facts I learned in high school and college? It’s all gone. I can’t remember anything. Trig and Calc class? Completely gone. All the rules and parts of speech from English class? Wiped out. Like what’s a dangling modifier? I don’t know but it sounds completely inappropriate; it sounds like something women my age are trying to avoid. So if I make grammatical errors I apologize, I can’t come up with a sentence AND get it right…I only have a finite amount of grey matter to work with. I’m thoroughly convinced my brain throws out useful information that used to be there to make room for focusing on art and writing. When they show Joe Snedeker on Channel 16 go to local area businesses with his “Wham Cam” to ask random people random science related questions, I’m out! I’m the one sprinting in the opposite direction. I’m the one they pick last on a trivia team. If I ever do know an answer, I feel like a rock star. I’m so surprised I’m not even humble about it…I celebrate it and brag about how quickly I came up with the answer! Everyone is like wow; you’re 1 for 40, good for you. So since all my mental resources are spent painting and writing, this is why I forget what I’m doing in the middle of doing something, get distracted and start working on something else entirely…or simply forget why I just walked into a room. But I think if I just avoid Joe Snedeker, Trivia Tuesdays at local bars, or helping small children with common core math or basically any school work beyond a third-grade level, I should be totally fine!

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