The Pierre Hotel

I was looking at the hotel where the reception is for a wedding we’re going to soon, and now I’ll be expecting a lot more from the hotels where we normally stay. Marriott and Holiday Inn better step up their game. The Pierre Hotel wedding venue overlooks Central Park, it’s the AAA Five Diamond and Forbes Five-Star rated property where it says billionaires sleep, and it’s a white-gloved oasis for the discerning traveler. That’s totally me, a discerning traveler from Susquehanna County lol! Not only is it known for sophisticated decor, celebrated cuisine, unforgettable events, timeless elegance and unrivaled hospitality in New York City, here are some of the amenities the rest of us have been

Niagara Falls

I don’t know how I underestimate the intensity of the supposed “fun” I plan on vacations, but it always happens. After crossing the border on the Canadian side of the Niagara Falls, we immediately took a steep lift ride down to the walkway right beside the falls so that we could check it out. First, you walk through the welcome center building to go out into the mist that’s spraying from the power of the falls. They call it mist. I’m expecting a nice light mist. Even the boats are called “Maid of the Mist.” Sounds enchanting and harmless, right? That’s not an accurate description. We opened the door by pushing hard into the gale force winds created by the falls, and immediately got swept int

Doctor Office Fiasco

Does anyone else pad their time going to a new doctor to allow for getting lost somewhere between parking in the ramp and actually finding the correct department? I padded 45 minutes and I was still 5 minutes late! As soon as I pulled into the ramp, I was driving around spiraling from floor to floor desperately searching for a parking spot that obviously didn’t exist because apparently every driver in Philadelphia has an appointment in the same building that I did that day. After wasting gas for ten minutes, I finally see a spot…only to notice it’s only available because the drivers of the cars on either side of the spot seriously can’t drive because they are parked at an angle that takes up

6 Million Dollar Man

Do you remember the 6 Million Dollar Man TV series where they took an astronaut who was in an accident, and replaced some of his injured limbs with bionics? That was back almost 50 years ago, and they had said right in the tag line, “We can rebuild him, we have the technology.” Well if we had the technology back then to rebuild body parts into something “better, stronger, faster” like Lee Majors had, why can’t we do that now? Doctors can’t even make people better most of the time, let alone stronger and faster. We put a man on the moon 50 years ago and healthcare is more expensive now than ever, but you’re telling me we don’t have the technology to make people run around at the superhuman st

First Car

Remember in how bad of shape your first car was? Back in the 80’s cars were affectionately called rust buckets due to the thinner, untreated metal they used. Even the passenger floor was rusted out so bad that there were holes big enough to see the undercarriage and feel the rain water kick up into the car! Those were the days! We didn’t have air bags, which are essentially violently explosive bags of air with a coating of burning powder to cushion the blow when we hit things. They even have “knee bags” now. Back then our knees had to fend for themselves in crashes. Cars today alert you when there’s a vehicle in your blind spot. Do you know how we knew a car was in our blind spot back then?

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