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The Pierre Hotel

I was looking at the hotel where the reception is for a wedding we’re going to soon, and now I’ll be expecting a lot more from the hotels where we normally stay. Marriott and Holiday Inn better step up their game. The Pierre Hotel wedding venue overlooks Central Park, it’s the AAA Five Diamond and Forbes Five-Star rated property where it says billionaires sleep, and it’s a white-gloved oasis for the discerning traveler. That’s totally me, a discerning traveler from Susquehanna County lol! Not only is it known for sophisticated decor, celebrated cuisine, unforgettable events, timeless elegance and unrivaled hospitality in New York City, here are some of the amenities the rest of us have been missing out on at our normal hotels….

24-hour white gloved elevator attendants….This is perfect for me! NO more confusing buttons in the elevator trying to figure out where the ground floor is! White gloves mean no more germs too! These are my people!

Complimentary hotel Jaguar service on a first come first serve basis, and Complimentary parking for Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles…I’m fresh out of Jaguars and Land Rovers though, darn!

Multilingual staff representing 35 foreign nationalities….Impressive!

Theater Desk…Does that mean there’s a movie theater?

Secretarial services…Really? I could absolutely use a secretary to help me out in the big city!

Twice-daily housekeeping service…Well that’s more like it!

Plush terry cloth robes & Pierre slippers…YES!! I know what I’m wearing in the city now!

Exclusive Etro toiletries…I had to google this because it’s so expensive I’ve never heard of it before.

On-site 24-hour valet and hand-laundry services…I’m going to bring all of my clothes that need to be hand washed!

One-hour on-site pressing service…Very nice!

Packing/unpacking service upon request…Now that’s what I’m talking about! All hotels should offer this!

Overnight complimentary shoe shine…Lovely!

Bose Home Theater systems in all 49 suites; Bose Wave Studio with iPod docking station in all guestrooms…Excellent! Hope my neighbors like my music on surround sound!

On-site spa therapist upon request for treatments either in room or in our Serenity Suite, Complimentary 1,600-square-foot 24-hour Fitness Center and Personal Training available upon request…I’m going to have to request that!

4K TV with Airplay and Casting Options…I don’t even know what that is, but it sounds very exciting!

Complimentary dog amenities (up to 15 pounds)…Does that mean the amenities weigh 15 pounds? The dog? I think they’re referring to the “puppy in a purse” pooches, so from now until the wedding I’ll be training Cooper to quietly sit in my purse while looking disinterested in everything like a discerning traveler and remain calm at all times. Wait ‘til I tell him he’s staying at a five-star hotel! Maybe he’ll meet a rich girlfriend! He might even move in with her parents and make us true empty nesters if he plays his cards right.

I’ll have to report back after I’ve checked it all out. What could go wrong?

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