Lost in the Parking Lot

I’ve been a passenger so much throughout my life that I’ve just stopped paying attention to how I got places or where we’ve parked….it’s to the point now that I simply can’t find my car in the parking lot if I don’t drive there myself. For over 20 years of being together, my husband has always drove us everywhere, so I stopped paying attention to how I got places around year 5. Instead I read in the car, talk to the kids, take a nap, get lost in my mental to do list on what needs to get done and I have no idea what roads we took to get to events. So if Russ ever develops narcolepsy at this event and gets sleepy, or starts to drink and then I have to drive, we might as well spend the night at

College Tour Season

My daughter is in the heart of college tour season to determine where she wants to go for the next 4 years of her life, so of course you have to sign up for the tours at a bunch of different schools to find the best fit. When you get to the university, you take a group tour with a current student as the guide for the day. The prospective students on the tours are always nice and respectful. It’s the parents that are so crazy and strange on college tours. You can just see the anguish on the kids’ faces as they look mortified at their parents and shoot them a “please act cool and be quiet” look. Because in your group, you have the “know it all” parents who have already sent 5 kids to that coll

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