Life at the Beach

We just got back from a great vacation, but I have to focus on all of the annoying things that happen to us all on vacation so I’m not so sad about leaving. Like how you go from so content and happy on the beach to the long, dreaded walk from the water to your rented beach house or car through blazing hot sand that sticks to your wet feet while your wet bathing suit cruelly rubs against your skin and makes your legs chaffed and irritated, leaving you with third degree burns that’ll take weeks to heal. It’s hard not to walk like a bowlegged cowboy and look ridiculous just to stop the unbearable friction. You’re also hungry because you didn’t get to eat your sandwich that you packed once a fl

When you don't want to be seen shopping

Do you enjoy grocery shopping? I appreciate its convenience, but it’s like a whole thing to go. I feel the need to explain to men the difference between genders when going to the grocery store. Men can get away with wearing the same clothes when doing yard work, shopping, going for ice cream, or whatever. They have very comfortable, functional clothes. When women want to look nice in public, their clothes are not always comfortable…we sacrifice comfort to look nice. What we wear to garden is more comfortable and not as presentable in public as something we’d normally wear to leave the house. So when my husband says lets go for a ride up town to go to the post office or other errands, he’s in

Victrolas, 8-tracks and Cassettes

Do you remember the old Victrola record players that took up half of the living rooms back in the day? The bigger the better! I remember when the record was spinning, you had to put your face super close to the record so that you could see exactly where to drop the needle on the record. Your nose was practically touching the edge of the record so that you could see the grooves in the record better. You prayed that your hand wouldn’t shake so that you didn’t scratch the record with the needle because then you’d have to hear a click through your favorite song for the rest of your life. Back then everyone had 10 kids so you didn’t have the luxury of hearing your entire favorite album….you had t

It's 4th of July Time!

It’s 4th of July Time!! It’s the time of year in Montrose when all of the Moms tell their kids it’s time to celebrate our Independence Day, pay homage during the parade to our area soldiers, ladies auxiliary, local fire and emergency squads, political candidates, churches, community organizations, and mom’s rights to shop at the best booths on the green in peace and quiet because she’s waited all year for it so let her have this, hold her hand and allow her to go to her happy place. But do you remember your childhood and how irrational you were at the local parade? First of all, you start by risking your life by running towards oversized vehicles in the run to pick up candy they’ve thrown at

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