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Tall People Problems

Tall People Problems

· If you hear “how’s the weather up there” or “how tall ARE you?” one more time, you might actually lose your mind

· There’s no such thing as quick shopping because you spend the whole time reaching things on top shelves for all the other customers

· High water pants are a way of life, not by choice

· Shoes require special order, which limits variety and adds quite a bit of lag between needing shoes and getting them shipped in time. Choices often resemble clown shoes

· Getting into a compact car, airplane seat, or sports car is similar to folding yourself up like a piece of paper to fit into an envelope

· You get to see all the dust, spider webs and neglect on shelves and tops of things that other people have the luxury to say “out of sight out of mind” about

· Good luck finding a blanket that fits your whole body

· Good luck finding a bed your feet won’t hang off of

· Unlimited concussion opportunities from slamming your head into doorways, ceiling fans, light fixtures, etc.

· Shorts automatically become shorty shorts

· People assume you’re really good basketball

· You have no anonymity because people can pick you out of a crowd. There’s no blending in; you stick out and get a lot of uncomfortable stares

· Sometimes little kids get scared just be your mere presence

Am I forgetting anything?


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