Trip to the Dog Groomer's

I didn’t realize when we got our little Yorkie Terrier that we needed to take him to the groomers often, otherwise his facial hair grows to the extent of completely covering his little eyes. I had never taken a dog to the groomers before, so I did not foresee what kind of circus that entailed. Originally, I tried to cut his hair myself, but he has somehow mastered the bob and weave of avoidance quite impressively, so one of us will get hurt with the scissors for sure. Most likely it would be me. I even tried a quick snip when he was dead asleep on my lap, but he must somehow sleep with one eye open because he turns away at the last second! I guess if my Mom tried cutting my hair when I was n

Biking in the City

When you’re in college, you’re either overwhelmed with an avalanche of work to do, or you have so much free time you feel like you’ll lose your mind. On a day I had free time, my friend Kathleen asked if I wanted to go biking with her. I thought absolutely! She had a spare ten-speed bike for me to use, but I had never been on one before. I grew up with banshee, banana seat bikes, and the only thing I learned in the country is to keep your eyes and mouth shut when a car goes by because of all the dust. She told me it’s a piece of cake, just click down your gear when you go up hill. Sounds good! So we left the college parking lot and she took OFF!! I mean Tour de France, record championship pa

Front Yard Baseball

Did anybody else grow up with “ghost on first?” It’s when you’re playing front yard baseball and you don’t have enough neighborhood kids or siblings because whoever got on first base is now up again…so you need a ghost to represent the runner on base. We used our stone walkway as the bases, and second base was just beyond the gravel driveway…so we slid through little stones in the driveway only to slam our ankles into a rock for a base. Good times! We had a small hillside that ran the length of our “outfield” in our front yard, so we called that the green wall, aka Fenway Park. If you hit it over the green wall it was a home run, and foul balls that went behind us into the poison ivy lined c

Weather Forecasts

I don’t understand the weather segments during the tv daily/nightly news. First of all, everyone knows they’re wrong most of the time when the weather is bad…which is when you need accuracy the most…and yet they still get paid, still get to keep their jobs. How many times over the years have we woke up to snow and asked, “Was it supposed to snow today?” Their explanation is that there are so many variables and factors involved, it’s nearly impossible to completely predict. That’s fine, I get that. So I propose that instead of putting up images of a weekly forecast with exact temps with little raindrops or snowflakes underneath, put up question marks for each day of the week and say we have a

Learning Channel Shows

Why do we watch home improvement shows all the time, which is basically watching other people work on their houses and getting their projects done, instead of working on our own projects? I’m so happy for Chip and Joanna to get their to do list done, but that doesn’t help me out at all! They’re not going to sit around and watch a show about me getting my kitchen remodeled because they’re too busy working on their own stuff. We've watched a couple hundred houses get flipped last year but our kitchen still needs a simple coat of paint! Same thing with cooking shows. I was fine with my spaghetti and meatballs for dinner, but now that I’ve seen the cooking channel with their pancetta and foie gr

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