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Why do we watch home improvement shows all the time, which is basically watching other people work on their houses and getting their projects done, instead of working on our own projects? I’m so happy for Chip and Joanna to get their to do list done, but that doesn’t help me out at all! They’re not going to sit around and watch a show about me getting my kitchen remodeled because they’re too busy working on their own stuff. We've watched a couple hundred houses get flipped last year but our kitchen still needs a simple coat of paint! Same thing with cooking shows. I was fine with my spaghetti and meatballs for dinner, but now that I’ve seen the cooking channel with their pancetta and foie gras that I can’t eat when they’re done, now I’m hungry and angry. I’m hangry. Where was my taste test on that dish? Same thing with most sports. Why am I sitting in my house watching other people play when I want to be the one in the sun out there having a great time? Unless it’s my kids, family members or friends out there, some sports are just too painfully dull to watch. Golf? On tv? On purpose? Holy boring Batman. It’s frustrating enough to be out there and miss an easy shot myself, let alone watch some rich guy in crazy pants do that. If I’m ever having trouble sleeping or want to take a nap, just put the golf channel on and I’ll be out in 20 seconds flat. One could argue that there are sports like football that are unrealistic to get involved in yourself so you might as well just watch someone else play. But honestly I would love to try to be the kicker in football, as long as they let me run more than the 4 steps kickers normally take. If I could run half the football field like Charlie Brown full steam ahead at the football the place kicker is holding, I think I could make that field goal! Although some sports like hockey are fun to watch, because I don’t want to be the one out there losing my teeth and getting slammed against the boards! My Irish temper would get the best of me; that’s not for me. There’s also a ton of River Monster and other fishing shows on….why is that? Watching it once is cool, but then it’s time for you to sit in your own boat and get out there yourself. Oh look, he caught another one! Yay! Oh wait, his catch has zero impact on my life. Never mind. Why watch Nascar when I can drive like that myself with people pulling out in front of me and cutting me off by swerving into my lane without turn signals every day. Even watching another artist paint gets old fast. Do you know what’s worse than watching paint dry? Watching someone else’s paint dry. Once in a while watching other people’s techniques in home improvements, cooking, sports, and artwork can really provide you with a lot of very important tips and tricks and can be entertaining, but after a while you have to admit you know what you need to do, it’s time to stop “learning” and put yourself out there! Live out those shows!

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