Vile Creatures

While it’s nice that the cold weather kills the horrible bugs in the air that eat you alive when you go outside in the summer, conversely somehow that same cold weather also beckons mice to come inside your house where it’s warm. You know it’s sad when people from the country are pro snake because they kill mice. How vile of a creature are you, mice, that people cheer on snakes simply because of their hierarchy over you on the food chain? Then again, some people will never, ever be pro snake! They’ll take their chances with taking care of mice themselves and would rather not encourage the skills snakes bring to the table. It’s just not worth it. But nothing makes your blood run cold faster t

Sports Celebrations

Watching the Super Bowl and other professional sports games always amazed me how we pick our favorite teams when we’re too young to fully appreciate the commitment, and then we stick with that team no matter how horrible they are. We put up with memes about teams, insulting comments, sneers, jokes, offensive bumper stickers or car decals with cartoon characters desecrating our team’s logo, loss of friendships over careless snide remarks, and literally countless opportunities to defend our team whether they deserve it or not, just because we fell in love with them at a young age and entered into some kind of imaginary one sided relationship that will outlast most actual and more beneficial co

Ice Skating

‘Tis the season for frozen country ponds to ice skate on! Putting your skate on with 50 eyelets your laces have to loop through to immobilize your ankle is no joke. You can’t just tighten your laces willy nilly like you can with your sneakers. You have to start from the bottom and pull on the laces for all your worth, otherwise your ankle buckles the second you stand up and you then have a sprained ankle all winter. It’s difficult to walk through the snow on just blades at the center of the soles of your feet to get to the ice, so we used to sit on our sleds on the ice and try to gracefully stand up from the slippery sled when we were laced up. That usually ended up with us barrel rolling of

Kids on College Break

Is anybody else who had a teenager come home for Christmas/winter break concerned about how much they’re able to eat or sleep? Did they just stay awake and survive on coffee and Junior Mints the whole semester? If your college child wakes up before 9, parents are quick to ask, “Is everything ok? Why are you up so early? Are you sick?” If you think your high schooler can sleep, just wait. It’s almost like they are solar panels, soaking up all the sleep they can now so that they can stay awake for the next 4 months straight. I don’t think it works that way, but what do I know. Feeding your college student during break is extremely challenging too, because they just came from an extensive cafet

No Cell Service

Don’t you hate when you have a service call where you need work done at your house, and the company spokesperson tells you someone will be there sometime between 8am and noon? That’s a pretty ginormous window…they honestly can’t narrow it down better than that? If it’s for a company whose representative is coming from many miles away to a rural area here that they’re not familiar with, to GPS coordinates that are sketchy at best, or to dirt roads that may or may not have a road sign still standing at the end of it after it’s gotten run over and put out of commission a number of times, do they honestly think 8am is an accurate guestimate? Can’t they at least tell me how many house calls are o

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