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No Cell Service

Don’t you hate when you have a service call where you need work done at your house, and the company spokesperson tells you someone will be there sometime between 8am and noon? That’s a pretty ginormous window…they honestly can’t narrow it down better than that? If it’s for a company whose representative is coming from many miles away to a rural area here that they’re not familiar with, to GPS coordinates that are sketchy at best, or to dirt roads that may or may not have a road sign still standing at the end of it after it’s gotten run over and put out of commission a number of times, do they honestly think 8am is an accurate guestimate? Can’t they at least tell me how many house calls are on the roster before me? On the other hand, if I’m first, then why would they end quote as late as noon? Do they plan on eating a big buffet brunch complete with a few desserts before coming and they’re padding their time? Do they drive 10 mph and plan on getting lost several hundred times? Usually what happens is that the person shows just beyond the 8am to noon window at 12:45, takes a few hours longer than expected, and leaves with a promise to be back out the next day sometime between 8am and noon again. Can you imagine if we tried to make an appointment, and gave a range of time for when to expect our arrival? What if I called the doctor’s office and said, “I’ll be there sometime between 8am and noon, just clear your schedule and wait there for me.” Pretty sure that wouldn’t fly. Don’t you love when the service tech does show, he’s amazed at how far out in the middle of nowhere Susquehanna County is and that there was no cell service to call for more directions when he/she was lost? How inconvenient for you to not have cell service one time when you tried calling…try living it every day. Every day when we leave our house, there’s a dead zone where you will not be able to reach a soul. It may be a beautiful landscape out here in the country, but as far as technology goes, it’s a dead zone. Can’t get a worse description than that! It’s even where internet goes to die. A lot of the community cannot even get cell service at their house. When you tell someone from the city that, their head explodes. They can’t wrap their mind around it. They follow up with, “WHERE do you live?” They’re picturing children of the corn. Tumble weed desert plains. The enchanted forest. How many times have you said on the phone, “I’m coming up to a spot in the road where I’m going to lose you?” People from the city think that’s not even possible; they think you’re just trying to get rid of them. No, it’s actually a thing. It’s just a little place we call home. The dead zone. We’ll be here from 8am to noon, hope to see you here some day! Good luck finding it because even some GPS coordinates are inaccurate out here it’s so rural, and you may or may not be able to reach us by cell!

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