Easter Traditions

Easter is a beautiful season filled with many traditions. One tradition that started many years ago is wearing your Easter Sunday best clothes, including a bonnet and gloves. I’m trying to imagine wearing dress clothes here in Northeastern PA back in the day of horse and carriage. I’m freezing in my fully enclosed car on the way to the Church for Easter now. I know the exact spot in the road where I can turn my heat on high because it’s no longer blowing out cold air, and I’m still cold. Those poor people years ago had no windshield on these blustery, snowy winter days, and it took a half a day longer to get to the church than it does nowadays. My Sunday best back then would have included e

Distracted Mind

Do you ever have trouble getting enough sleep because your mind wanders and jumps from crazy subject to crazy subject? This is a recount of my thought process in a typical night for me: 1am I was awakened by the scariest, loudest, eeriest howls from a pack of coyotes that sounded like they were practically at the front door. Now I know what the expression “my blood ran cold” feels like! Cross that off my bucket list. I have to remember in the morning to check for large, coyote footprints in the snow in my yard! Ok, time to try to calm down and go to sleep. If I fall asleep right now, I’ll get 6 hours. That should be no problem, I’m exhausted. Oh I forgot to call Amy and see how she made out!

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