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Clean Underwear in Case of an Accident

Remember growing up when our Moms put the fear in us, “You better wear a clean pair of underwear in case you get in an accident?” Was that a problem we presented to them enough to warrant such a warning? Did we not wear clean underwear back in the day? Do the doctors and nurses judge us and not help us if we show up with shoddy underwear? Maybe they were clean when I left the house, but I after I wrecked, they’re not so clean anymore, did you ever think of that? I think Moms were worried that it reflected poorly on them if their kids were ever caught wearing something less than fresh. Grandmothers always got their family members socks and underwear, so it must’ve really been an important staple that generation cherished and did not take lightly. They would watch you open it they were so excited about it, so you had to come up with a dramatic, “Yay!! That’s what I wanted most!” speech. Now I’m all set in case I get into an accident. I can leave the house with confidence now. I saw a tic toc the other day where a guy asked if the radio shuts off after an accident or do the paramedics show up with you passed out in the car and your music blaring something like “I Did it My Way” by Frank Sinatra. I think that should be more of a concern, what music do you want to be caught blaring, instead of your clean underwear situation you got goin’ on. If you’re blasting some classic rock from the 80’s like “Here I Go Again” by Whitesnake or “Nothing Else Matters” by Metallica, you might get blamed for causing the wreck. Guys would be trying to reach for the radio to change it after a wreck so nobody knows they listen to Taylor Swift. If you’re listening to Christmas music too early, the paramedics will definitely judge you and probably wouldn’t even help you out. Regardless, if you feel like you’re not accomplishing much these days, don’t forget that you’re making your Mom and Grandma proud just by wearing a clean pair every day and making sure your kids do the same! If you’re not because laundry day crept up on you too fast, it’s probably ok as long as you don’t get in an accident. That’s the important lesson to be learned and passed to each generation.


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