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It's 4th of July Time!

It’s 4th of July Time!! It’s the time of year in Montrose when all of the Moms tell their kids it’s time to celebrate our Independence Day, pay homage during the parade to our area soldiers, ladies auxiliary, local fire and emergency squads, political candidates, churches, community organizations, and mom’s rights to shop at the best booths on the green in peace and quiet because she’s waited all year for it so let her have this, hold her hand and allow her to go to her happy place. But do you remember your childhood and how irrational you were at the local parade? First of all, you start by risking your life by running towards oversized vehicles in the run to pick up candy they’ve thrown at the ground. Even the five second rule doesn’t apply because if you see candy an hour later, it’s totally fair game to grab and eat. It’s the only day of the year that’s acceptable to eat candy off of the pavement. You know what that road has seen because you just saw what those horses did in the parade, and yet it’s your new life’s mission to get to that road candy before the kid next to you gets it. You can square up with the other kids later to even it out, but right now you’re willing to swim in that mud puddle for that jolly rancher nobody saw land there. You don’t even like that tootsie roll you just dived under a moving fire truck for, but by golly you got it and that’s all that matters. Then half of the kids love when the soldiers shoot their explosively loud guns during the parade, the other half are terrified and wondering if we’re back under attack trying to assert our independence. After a very long, awesome parade it’s getting past lunch time and every member of your family wants something different, and the lines are long at each place because the food is so good! You try to convince everyone to get the same thing but nobody is having it. So you divide and conquer and try to figure out how to hold onto the little one’s hands while you carry a plate, drink, your treasures from the green, and a bag full of road candy. Then at night is the long anticipated fireworks…with most of the anticipation happening when you’re sitting outside for hours wondering when dusk is because it sure feels like it’s about 3am and they haven’t started yet. Most people enjoy being on the local golf course their one time a year instead of admiring it from afar as they drive by; it’s their big opportunity to see its beauty up close and personal. No matter where you go there are people everywhere to watch the big show so you try to get there early to get a good spot, only to be parked in so you better bring lots of “nourishment” because you’re in for the long haul. But when it’s all said and done, you leave your local home town parade and festivities with pride and your hearts are full. Enjoy what your community has to offer and have a safe and Happy 4th of July!

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