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New Year's Resolution

Well it’s New Year’s Resolution time of year, did you make any lofty plans? I swear I didn’t even find the time to make a plan for a plan, that’s how behind the 8 ball I am. I think part of what gets in the way of coming up with goals to improve our lives when we’re at the start of a new year is the comparison game. Take Christmas for example. On the local news, there was a feature story about a guy whose entire house was Christmas themed with multiple blinged out trees and an overly ambitious and excessive amount of decorations scattered all throughout his stunning Christmas mansion. Your goal of providing the best Christmas possible is unattainable if you’re comparing yourself to that guy because he started decorating in August. We had what seemed like three days tops between Thanksgiving and Christmas in 2019 to decorate and get ready, and this guy started decorating in the summer! I swear as soon as I finished the Thanksgiving dishes, people were posting pictures of their amazing trees with all their wrapped presents underneath saying they were fully ready to celebrate. I was left wondering if I slipped into a coma and missed some crucial holiday prep days? It’s really not a fair comparison you’re making for yourself. A lot of people make physical health resolutions, until they go to the gym and see someone like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Simone Biles in their prime working out, or see their friends their age running massive marathons without breaking a sweat and actually pulling off a genuine smile at the end without needing assistance from a medical team like you’d need. Just tell yourself if they had to walk a mile in your shoes with your health or time crunch issues, they wouldn’t judge so just focus on you…but deep down wish that they really could walk a mile in your shoes because then that would be one less mile you have to do. Some make resolutions to keep a cleaner house since theirs looks like a tornado went through, taking away all of their good intentions and leaving only bills and the kids’ toys and shoes scattered everywhere…yet when they visit their friends’ houses, it looks like a picture out of a magazine. Well did your friend know you were coming over, because trust me it probably didn’t look like that until they knew company was on the way because that bought her some time to hyper speed scramble and squirrel things away. My point is that it’s human nature to make huge goals with grandiose end results and get frustrated with how slow progress is towards that goal, so I hope instead we can all do small ordinary things each day with great love towards a better version of ourselves because that is grandiose greatness too. Of course we’re all happy for those who are killing it and we’re inspired by that as well as thankful for it, but don’t get paralyzed by the unfair comparison game, carve out some time and do what you can with what you have and have a Healthy and Happy New Year!!

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