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TV Commentary

Why do books, tv shows and movies require that something bad has to happen that needs to be solved every time? Why can’t it just introduce a nice family, they have a great time together, they excel at everything they do, the end? In school they always said there has to be a protagonist and antagonist. Why is that? Even when I was little I never understood that. I feel like real life has enough antagonists, why put us through it on the big screen? I saw three antagonist drivers just on my way to the post office and back, why do I need to see more on TV? Even comedies that are supposed to be light hearted and make us laugh actually have the most extreme worst-case scenarios happen! Why? I knew a kid once who would hide behind the couch during sitcoms when some major problem happened to the stars of the show. If a funny sitcom can make small children hide in fear, you’ve gone too far. So, this unresolved conflict of me not understanding why high drama needs to happen in every show is why it might make it not fun for people to watch tv with me. I try super hard to wait until the commercials to yell suggestions out to the characters, but sometimes I still slip out a question or advice to the tv! Like most men do watching their favorite sports show, I can’t help but blurt stuff out. Ok to be honest, I do the same thing watching sports too. The conversation between my husband and I normally goes like this for every…single….show as I yell at the TV:

Me: Don’t go back in the house!?!

Him: It’s not real

Me: Why did he go back in?

Him: Otherwise there’d be no show

Me: I thought she was dead? Him: It’s not real

Me: The building exploded with her in it, how did she survive? Is it possible to survive an explosion?

Him: It’s not real

Me: Why is the bad guy gaining on her when she’s running and he’s walking!!

Him: Because it’s not real

Me: Don’t trip when someone’s chasing you!! It’s an open field, how did she trip?

Him: Because it’s not real

Me: I can’t believe they killed him off!

Him: It’s not real

Me: This makes me cry!

Him: It’s not real

Me: That was really dumb that he trusted that rickety bridge Him: It’s not real

Me: They can’t just bring him back to life! Can they?

Him: It’s still not real

Me: Turn around!! Why would he walk into a room backwards? Nobody does that!

Him: Because it’s not real

I get completely invested in the characters in the show too, I feel like I know them! I remember seeing Channel 16 anchor Kim Supon at a sporting event at the University of Scranton and I said, “Hey hi! How are you?” She was so nice back, but then it dawned on me how I knew her. I thought to myself you idiot, she has no idea who you are! She was just being nice. Not my finer moment. I guess I get too invested in the characters on tv. When a main character dies in my favorite series, I practically need therapy. On the opposite end of that are most husbands because they are Mr. Practical and remain completely unattached and unmoved. They say nobody would watch it if something bad didn’t happen but I disagree; I’d still watch. When I write my book, it’s going to be all sunshine and no completely ridiculous plot that leaves you frustrated and shaking your head in disbelief at how insane the story sounds. Am I the only who gets swept up in books and shows?

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