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The College Sweatshirt

Sad to say this is a true story I’m telling just to try to lighten the mood for all those struggling with sending their kids to college. So during my son Mike’s senior year of college, I went with my sister and niece and her friend to visit him and give my niece a tour of the campus....they even scheduled an official tour. After eating lunch with him they went on the tour, and I stayed with Mike for a while until he had to go to class.

When he left for class I started texting my family:

Question texted from Me: I went back to the bookstore to surprise Mike by buying a really expensive college sweatshirt he wanted. Since his apartment is locked, I looked up his class schedule online and now I’m standing outside his class room because his class gets out in five minutes but we’re leaving in ten minutes. His next class is immediately after this one in this same hallway so I need to either give it to him now in the hallway or wait and give it to him in a month when I see him next. Good idea? Bad idea?

Response from Russ: Don’t worry about it, you’re already there so just give it to him.

Response from my sister on the tour: Ummm, I think he might never speak to you again, head for the exit.

Response from my daughter: You’re joking right? You’re not joking are you? You’re actually standing in the hallway outside his classroom? Just stop.

Response from my niece on the tour: I love it! That is awesome! Do it! See if you can video tape his reaction for me.

Me replied to all: He really, really loved this sweatshirt and it’s getting cold out. I think he might need it.

Russ: Sounds good, let me know how you make out.

My sister: He has plenty of clothes. Abort mission!

My daughter: I’m begging you, stop texting and start walking towards the door before he sees you!

My niece: If you can’t record it at least get a picture of his face when he sees you!

Just then the bell rang, it was too late to run! I looked like a deer in headlights. I could read the expressions on the kids’ faces as they left the classrooms, it looked like they were thinking, “Is that someone’s Mom? What is happening? Oh no, is my Mom here? Am I having a nightmare?” I’m starting to think this was a bad idea. Then I see Mike who said, “MOM?!?” I blurted out really fast, “I wanted to surprise you with this sweatshirt so I went back and bought it thought you needed it I’ll see you later have fun in class!” He was super nice though and loved it and gave me a hug. Phew! I do not recommend that though to any of you parents out there! Too risky.

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