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We Just Don't Make Any Sense

The human race is so fickle. Some nights at home you think to yourself why doesn’t anybody ever just show up out of the blue and visit us here, we have a nice porch to sit on with a pretty view and lots of drinks? Then other nights when you’re sitting inside you hear a car pull into your driveway and you say, “Are you kidding me right now? Who’s here? Someone sneak over to where you can look, but don’t stick your big head in the window where they can see so we can pretend not to be here if we have to! Crawl across the floor if you have to! Who is it?” Where is that “I wish friends would just pop in and surprise us” attitude? Out the window. That same window your outraged head is in. Same thing goes when the weekend rolls around. When there’s nothing on the calendar you’re bored, you wish there was somewhere fun to go or something awesome to do. But heaven forbid there’s something scheduled on the weekend you HAVE to go to. Then your response is, “Seriously? I didn’t want to go ANYWHERE! Why do we have to do anything? Can’t we just hang out and do nothing?!” We’re never happy, we always want the opposite. When you go weeks without dressing up to go somewhere fun at night, you wonder what’s happened to your life that you constantly leave the house in casual clothes. But then when there is an event that requires you to dress up, you instantly balk and say, “Ugh! Why do we have to? Is everyone really going to dress up? How dressy do I have to get?” Like you’re only comfortable with a certain level of dressy. I don’t know what the difference is between a dressy dress and a casual dress, but somehow it makes you very irritated if you have to wear something more formal. It crosses some imaginary line in our minds, from I’m content in this casual shirt to I’m absolutely fuming in this fancy shirt that I bought for formal occasions. It’s a shirt that we bought with our own money, on purpose, so why does it upset us when we have to wear it? We just don’t make any sense! Here’s to hoping we find the happy medium in our lives and feel content with life’s routines!

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