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Mowers and Chevys

There are a lot of lawn mowers getting stuck in the unusually wet, swampy lawns this year, and a lot of portions of lawns are being completely abandoned to grow to scary ugly heights because it’s too marshy to mow. The terrifying part for me is how slippery lawn mower seats are when you’re on a side hill, even after you shift your weight as best you can to the other side and hold on for dear life because the slick, glossy seat just wants you to slide right off. There should probably be an eject button with a parachute attached so when the mower is sliding from the wet grass and you’re slipping in your seat, you can be catapulted to safer, dryer ground. Another thing I’ve noticed is how attached people in our area are to the brand of tractor they use, and the larger the tractor the more attached they are! The big tractor lovers don’t just love their green or red tractor, but they love it so much that they absolutely HATE the other color! I think they’re half kidding, half dead serious about judging people based on whether they are team green or team red. They’re so entrenched in their beliefs that they say things like their blood runs green. That’s a pretty deep commitment! Same thing goes for their trucks and cars. The huge divide over Chevy, Ford or Dodge is so deep that people actually have decals on their vehicles desecrating the other make of vehicle! But you can’t just say things like Chevy is great, Ford is awful. You have to back it up with how your vehicle escaped a muddy or snowy situation where the other one failed. Some guys carry pictures in their wallet to show proof! It’s a very serious situation people do NOT take lightly. Where did all that start? Did they have the other make and then it disappointed them and left them stranded somewhere, so now they absolutely despise that manufacturer? I’ve heard it has always been that way, starting even way back before power steering. People are lucky nowadays not to have to use man hands and every muscle in their body to steer their cars and lawn mowers like it used to be without power steering. Although it still takes all your might to start most push mowers and weed whackers because of the pull start. Can you imagine being the inventor who came up with that, and then had to convince the public that they just need to violently pull on this string as hard as they can to get it started? Just do that over and over until it starts, and people do it? Can you imagine if housewives had to do that to get their washer started? I could see them reefing on the pull string, taking out their aggressions and cursing out the family for getting their clothes dirty all the time. Their blood wouldn’t run green, it would run mad and frustrated at getting that thing started all the time! Thank heavens for modern conveniences, push start buttons and loyalty to the makes and models we’ve loved all our lives!

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