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New Year's Eve

New Year’s Eve is fast approaching and you can’t help but take a mental inventory and sort of “year in review” in how you did this year. Even financially. Like how did you make out in the vehicle department? Did you hit any dear this year? You know you’re from Northeastern PA if you keep a mental tally of how many deer you’ve hit each year. We totaled a Chevy Cruise on ice back in February…it will be missed. Any pothole damage causing alignment troubles or even popped tires? I had my very first flat tire this year, and I had my daughter, her friend, and her Mom and in my car of all times. We all remember that pothole we’ve hit so hard that it made us cringe! As soon as I hit it and said we should be good because the car would have let us know if we’re losing air, sure enough the dashboard went nuts with bells and whistles to say, “Hey, your tire is so flat it’s starting to come off the rim, cease and desist, it’s a goner!” I pointed to the dashboard and said, “Yeah, like that!” Thanks to me we were left stranded on a lesser traveled back road, like a scene from a scary movie. What appliances didn’t make it through the year at your house? In addition to the dryer, toaster, and fan, our living room TV up and quit. Go big or go home with those expenses! Usually it takes us weeks to buy something that expensive because my husband researches brands, reads every review, checks every store…but when the big tv went on the fritz? Boom! The next day we’re hustling out of Best Buy with a large flat screen tv on our backs before the next night of shows came on. Couldn’t live without it! How about any medical bills set you back? My son and I are neck and neck trying to see who has the higher out of pocket expenses in the thousands. Hoping for less medical crises in 2019, that’s for sure. How about your pet? How much have they put you in the hole this year? Did you buy enough food to fill your teenager(s) on a daily basis? That’s nearly impossible. College? Was 2018 wicked expensive, or was it just me? On the flip side, the New Year approaching also helps us to count our blessings and makes us thankful for our pets, children, roads, a place to call home, and even medical bills for care for our loved ones that was worth every penny and more. Just when you think we’re all crazy for living in such a small town that didn’t see the sun much this year, you then think back over the year and see how our small community rallied together to help the local ones in need who are facing medical problems, flooding damage, fires, and pretty much hard times for good people. We’ll never forget the anonymous local business that set a great example for the kids and made a difference in their lives by donating really nice sneakers, hats and gloves to 750 elementary students at the Lathrop Street and Choconut Schools. So when you look at your year in review, keep in mind all of the amazing, selfless people in our area that will help you in your time of need, and realize that you’re lucky to be in a community that looks out for its own. There’s no denying how beautiful our area and its 4 seasons are too! Thank heavens for our high alert deer damage area and all! Have a safe, prosperous, healthy and Happy New Year!!

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