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Mother's Day

Let me explain why we should celebrate Moms and Dads on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. This is a true story, based on my family. Picture my poor Mom, at the hospital ready to deliver a newborn while she already had two at home. Her oldest son Jerry was in his terrible two’s, and her oldest daughter Kathy was not even a year old yet. Since Kathy and the new baby would technically be the same age because one of them hadn’t quite turned 1 yet, they called that “Irish Twins.” Instead of Irish Twins, others call it scary, some call it overwhelming, still others call it a nightmare. But since Mom was an only child, she always dreamed of having 3 children, and she was finally going to fulfill that dream. So, my Mom went into labor and delivered my brother Mark. Thankfully he was healthy despite having been born early, but as they were cleaning him up, Mom said, “Ummmm, I’m still in a lot of pain here.” When the nurse and doctor turned their attention back to her, they said, “Ummmm, you’re still in labor!” Surprise!! She then gave birth to Mark’s actual twin, Mary Jo. Can you even imagine? Today we have gender reveal parties, back then they had baby reveal hospital visits! This was back before ultrasounds and everything was a surprise! She didn’t gain an excessive amount of weight to kind of tip off that there were two babies because she was sick with pneumonia for part of the pregnancy. So they broke the news to Dad, and the next day when he visited Mom at the hospital he told her he went out and bought bunk beds. Mom said, “Bunk beds? They’re not going to need bunk beds for years.” Dad replied, “I know, I just panicked.” I don’t blame you Dad. Then they broke the news to Grammie, my Mom’s Mom. Grammie had only one child, so the thought of having 3 in diapers and a toddler pushed her over the emotional edge as she asked my parents, “You had twins? What are you going to with all these kids?” Dad replied, “I’m going to take them home. We’re going to feed them, we’re going to clothe them and we’re going to take care of them.” Back then everyone had enough kids for a baseball team, so it didn’t sound so daunting to my Dad who was one of 8 kids himself. Poor Mom who only wanted 3 kids, literally had 3 kids for only 30 seconds. Since she immediately passed that golden number, they thought oh what’s 3 more! Eventually they had 7 children. At one point, she had 5 kids under the age of 4! And that, my friends, is why we can’t buy enough flowers or gifts for our parents on the one designated day a year that celebrates their contribution and sacrifice for mankind. Without them, there would literally be no future. Happy Mother’s Day to my poor Mom who survived raising so many kids in rapid succession, and to all of you Moms out there! It’s only a week away, don’t forget to thank your Mom!!

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