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Mother's Day Pampering

What will you be doing this Mother’s Day? Do you know what a lot of Moms will be doing today? Same as always. There’ll be a lot of inedible breakfast in bed meals being served by small, well intentioned children who won’t notice that it’s being choked down gracefully by Mom in order to save hurt feelings, because that’s what mothers do. There’ll be some allotted pampering bath bomb time for moms that won’t feel much like pampering as the younger kids yell through the locked bathroom door, “Mom! Are you relaxed yet? How about now? When will you be done? Do you feel relaxed now? Are you coming out now? Why aren’t you relaxed yet? Mom I’m hungry, can your bath time be over now?” There will be some crayon drawings as presents on Mother’s Day where Mom is drawn disproportionately bigger and wider than the rest of the stick family and even the house, but Mom will smile graciously and say she loves it anyways despite the unintentional, excessively large depiction, because that’s what Moms do. When she’s given beautiful flowers that were ripped from her prized flower garden that she spent so much time on, she’ll just smile and praise them because she’s gracious and doesn’t want her child to know that she is now wondering how to revive the now destroyed garden. There’ll be some kids who think watching Barney with his tone deaf, annoying voice would be a great way for Mom to spend Mother’s Day; so for the millionth time she’ll sit and sing that theme song that’ll drive the most patient person insane, because that’s what Moms do. There’ll be some art projects given that Mom can’t for the life of her figure out what they are, but she’ll say the most diplomatic compliments you’ve ever heard anyways. She’ll do all of these things and more because she has acquired those necessary skills over the years while trying to be a good Mom and support her kids. To all the Moms out there and Dads who have had to be both Dad and Mom, hats off to your tact, patience, strength, perseverance, resilience, tolerance, and unconditional love. You’re a class act, and we can’t thank you enough for all that you’ve done for us and taught us by example! Hope you all have a Happy Mother’s Day!! Why aren’t you relaxed yet, Mom?

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