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Black Cats

Cats really get a bad rap at Halloween time. One day they’re these fluffy, sweet little companions, but then the next they’re evil black creatures that hang out with wicked witches and their caldrons at Halloween. It has to be a black cat though; you never see a nice orange and white cat trying to look intimidating and menacing near the witch’s lair. I have to call it an orange and white cat because I don’t really know the different cat breeds since they’re all basically the same size. Dogs are easy to tell apart for the most part, between Poodles and Dobermans for example. But when it comes to cats, I just refer to them by color. There are white cats, calico colored cats, tan cats, etc. That’s pretty much an accurate differentiation for me! When people say they have a dog, others always ask what kind? But when poor cat owners say they have cats, they just get aww how nice or how many? Now if there were Newfoundland sized cats walking around, then maybe people would ask what breed. Anyways, poor black cats even for the rest of the year are reviled, because heaven forbid if they cross a path in front of a person. Just by walking, bam! There goes the superstitious side in us. A black dog crosses your path and you think oh how beautiful! That made my day! A black cat crosses? Darn it I have the worst luck ever! Bad luck for 7 long years! That’s a bit harsh. In Europe it’s considered a bad omen of misfortune and death, so avoid black cats at all costs there, or avoid paths. Seriously though, it just doesn’t make any sense. Maybe it’s because people have allergies to cats more so than dogs so they hold that against them? For me, cats are like the flu with legs. It’s as if they sense I’m allergic and just try to rub off as much hair as possible on my leg just to see if my eyes swell shut or not. I feel so bad not petting them though. It’s not their fault and they just want to say hi, so I just pet them while concentrating on not touching my face until I can wash the hazardous toxins off as soon as possible. But that’s going to give them a complex if people avoid them or wash off any affection they show; it’s a horrible way to be. Or maybe the bad rap comes from some of the cats with attitude who aren’t friendly by nature, as they seem to stare into your soul with disgust if you do ever glimpse them outside of their hiding spot that they stay in until you present them with their food like an offering to the gods. Some cat owners say they do feel like they exist only to cater to their cat’s needs, and in fact the whole house belongs to the cat. As author Mary Bly put it, “Dogs come when they’re called; cats take a message and will get back to you.” Regardless of the origin of the stigma against black cats, we should try not to give them more of a complex, especially during Halloween. Show them some love! Then wash your hands when they’re not looking is all.

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