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Expired Easter Dishes

Ingredients are hard to find and scary to shop for new…so some of our Easter dishes are sketchy at best since we’re forced to throw together whatever expired in the back of our pantries or has freezer burn in the bottom of our freezers. Whatever we couldn’t stomach to eat in the past and was collecting dust is now our Easter Sunday best. Lauren, God bless her, took it upon herself to clean out our pantry. She should have worn a homemade mask for that. She pulled out something and said, “Mom! This expired in 2014!” I said that was just the “best by” year. It was best in 2014. Now it’s just sufficient. Do I sound like a mom or what? What they really should do is put a poisonous year on things. You know if you need to look for a “best by” year, it’s obviously way past the time you planned on eating it. What we need is a poisonous year, so that we know for sure when to toss it because otherwise we think meh, it’s mostly a powdery substance, it should be fine! We need to definitively know a solid date when it’ll require a tetanus shot or a trip to the E.R. for food poisoning. Don’t put a date that requires us to subjectively determine the fine line where food turns from nutritious to lethal. See, now don’t you feel better about not getting together with your “missed my hair appointment” wild haired, mystery “whatever’s left” dish serving family? Hope you all had a Happy Easter!

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