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Call of the Wild

Because a lot of the world is at a standstill, they’ve been showing pictures of animals migrating to busy streets now. It’s like the call of the wild out there. For my house, it’s the call of the bunnies. I think all of the Easter Bunny helpers have retired to our yard. Since I’m non-essential even in my own house because I’m not an online student or working from home on conference calls like everybody else here, my job is to keep the dog quiet from losing his mind when the bunnies taunt him at the back window every day. The cute little cotton tailed fur balls have no fear; they come right up two feet away from the house and look him square in the eye. He barks and they just keep staring, unphased. I honestly think they’re looking for a fight. Or maybe they just want him to come out and play? Since I’m not tech savvy enough to help my kids doing college from home, I’ve been reduced to a full-time job of saying, “SSSHHHHHH!!!!” to my neurotic dog all day when the bunny brigade shows up to taunt him. I shouldn’t say all day, it’s only when Russ goes off mute on a conference call with 50 people when the clash of the titans happens with the barking and running full tilt through the house. It never happens when he’s on mute. So much fun. Very professional setting here going on for him; it’s not distracting at all. We have ducks on our pond too but they’re pretty quiet, they pretty much keep to themselves. Thank God. Any animals migrating to your yards now? How’s your professional setting?

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