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Happy Mother's Day!

Remember that show “8 is Enough?” It probably should have been called 8 is a burden. I’m sure 7 of us kids were a serious burden at times to my poor Mom. She had kids in the Elk Lake School District spanning 4 decades…from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s!! My oldest brother started school in the 60’s, and my little brother graduated in the 90’s! Then they attended their 7 kids’ sports and high school graduations, 7 college graduations, weddings, plus 26 grandkids’ sports, graduations and weddings (well, not all the grandkids are married yet!). It’s mindboggling. And she wasn't even the one with the most kids in the neighborhood; 7 wasn't even a big deal back then! When we’re very young in the 70’s and were the most burdensome, we gave our moms a buttercup flower we picked from the yard, told her to put it under her chin to see if she likes butter or not, and thought that was the greatest gift she’d ever want. We’re even. There you go; for all the hours of morning sickness, labor, feedings, sleepless nights…here’s a weed I picked before Dad mows it down. You’re welcome. Another favorite was a crayon drawing where Mom is drawn disproportionately larger than the house, the sun, other family members, etc. It’s meant to make Mom the center of attention in the picture, but what Mom can’t help but notice is that she’s as big as the house. Maybe that’s where “big as a house” originated. But as a Mom, I can tell you that little buttercup flower and that drawing really are the best gifts. All of us parents can say that. It really is the thought. Thank you to my kids for all the beautiful gifts through the years, the spouses and teachers that helped them make them, and for my Mom…thank you! I’m sure 7 was quite enough, but I’m glad you did have us all! Happy Mother’s Day to all!

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