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TV Dads

If you had to choose a TV Dad that most closely resembles your Dad, which one would it be? Mr. Cleaver on Leave it to Beaver? Tim Allen on Home Improvement? Howard Cunningham on Happy Days? Al Bundy? Homer Simpson? Peter Griffin on the Family Guy? Earn Marks in Atlanta? Tony Soprano? George Jefferson? George Lopez? Archie Bunker? Fred Sanford? Marty Crane in Frasier? Frank Costanza on Seinfeld? Carl Winslow on Family Matters? Philip Banks on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air? Ned Stark on Game of Thrones? Andy Taylor on the Andy Griffith Show? Louis Huang on Fresh Off the Boat? Mr. Huxtable? Ray Barone from Everybody Loves Raymond? Ben Cartwright on Bonanza? Sam Elliot on The Ranch? Phil Dunphy on Modern Family? Murray Goldberg? Mike Brady on the Brady Bunch? Mr. Walton? Charles Ingalls? Which of these Dads was your favorite? Maybe all our Dads were a little bit of each of these iconic father figures, and they had a knack for solving all our most complicated problems in a half hour too. TV Dads have nothing on our real Dads! Happy Father’s Day to my Dad, Father-in-law, husband, and all the amazing Dads out there! We’d be lost without you! Usually quite literally.

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