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Short People Problems

Short People Problems

· They call us “People McNuggets”

· Needing a running head start to jump over a puddle that others easily step over

· The sun visor laughs at you as it blocks nothing for short people

· The 5 foot shallow end of the pool requires you to tread water just to live, while others leisurely stand

· When you go to the movies and someone tall sits in front of you, you then have to go from “watching” a movie to “listening” to it while staring at the back of the tall person’s head

· You have to constantly ask for help to get things off of the top shelf at stores, or try to climb it like Mario when nobody is looking

· When you sit in someone’s car and their seat is so far back you see only the dashboard

· Your husband swears at you when he gets into the vehicle after banging his knee because you had the seat up as far as it would go in order to reach the pedals

· Not being able to see the parade on parade day, at all

· Your feet rarely touch the floor when you sit in a chair

· Nobody takes you seriously, especially when you’re mad

· Any truck without running boards requires you to grab onto something in the cab in order to pull yourself up like you’re a 5-year-old

Am I forgetting anything?


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